Linkpagina voor alle websites: o.a. centra, bedrijven, retraitecentra ….
BoeddhaNed TBMSG
Website van Trailokya Bauddha Mahasangha Sahayaka Gana, de Indiaase afdeling van The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.
Boeddhistisch Centrum Haaglanden
De VWBO in den Haag
de 3 juwelen Uitgever van Dharmateksten vertaald in het Nederlands.
Happy Buddha – website created by Dharmacari Suryacitta
“We all want to be happy, we all want to be free. Happy Buddha is a site set up to help people be just this, happy and free.”
El Bloque
El Bloque is een centrum voor mensen die bewuster willen worden en die hun inzicht in hun mogelijkheden willen verdiepen. U kunt in El Bloque deelnemen aan workshops, programma´s en creatieve activiteiten. Ook informatie over meditatieretraites in de Sacarest-vallei.
“BuddhaField is a collective of Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO) Buddhists from at least eight UK Buddhist centres. We teach meditation and Buddhism at festivals, fairs and similar events. We also hold our own retreat camps and our own mini-festival!”
Le Centre Bouddhiste de l’Île de France
De VWBO (AOBO) in Parijs.
Rigpa Nederland
Rigpa Nederland is een centrum voor Tibetaans Boeddhisme en staat onder leiding van Sogyal Rinpoche.
BoeddhaNed BoeddhaNed – Organisaties
Boeddhistische stromingen in Nederland en Vlaamstalig België – organisaties en adressen.
Learn to meditate on the internet!
Vorm & Leegte Vorm & Leegte – de opvolger van Kwartaalblad Boeddhisme
Vorm & Leegte is het tijdschrift van de Stichting Vrienden van het Boeddhisme. De Stichting stelt zich ten doel bekendheid te geven aan het boeddhisme zonder voorkeur voor een bepaalde richting of stroming.
BuddhaNet BuddhaNet – Buddhist Information and Education Network
Website van de Buddha Dhamma Meditation Association Inc., Australië.
The Internet Sacred Text Archive
A collection of translations of buddhist scriptures from both ‘southern’ and ‘northern’ buddhism. Some of the translations are rather old, but this is a very useful site!
Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre
On this site you’ll find, among other things, some beautiful chanting of traditional Pali texts and the Dhammapada being recited in Pali by the founder of the SBMC, Ven. Weragoda Sarada Maha Thero.
Mettanet Lanka Mettanet Lanka
A ‘Dhamma portal’: downloadable Tipitaka, articles, even free dhamma email accounts!
Yogi Chen's  website Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen’s Homepage
Web-site devoted to the works of Yogi Chen, one of Sangharakshita’s 8 main teachers. This website is maintained by Dr. Yutang Lin, Yogi Chen’s main disciple in the USA.
Corine Claveaux: gestalttherapeut en boeddhist met praktijk in Amsterdam
Sakyadhita Sakyadhita International
International association of buddhist women.
Stichting Vajra Stichting Vajra werkt onder de armste mensen in Nepal door het bezoek van bezoekers uit verre landen.
Sahaja is lid van de WBO en beeldhouwer.
Rivendell Retreat Centre Rivendell Buddhist Retreat Centre
Rivendell retreat centre lies in the rolling Sussex (England) countryside on the edge of the Ashdown forest. It offer a wide variety of retreats for beginners and for more experienced meditators.
Dhanakosa Retreat Centre Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre
Dhanakosa, which means storehouse of treasure, is a Buddhist retreat centre in Scotland. The Centre was once a highland hotel and provides ideal conditions for retreats.
Aranya: women going forth Aranya – women going forth
Aranya is a project to fundraise for and develop a retreat centre in Europe dedicated to the ordination of women into the Western Buddhist Order.
B.U.N. Boeddhistische Unie Nederland
De BUN werd in 1978 als stichting opgericht en bestaat sinds 1990 als vereniging van boeddhistische organisaties in Nederland.
The Pali Text Society’s Pali-English Dictionary – online searchable version
Het nieuws in het Latijns, van Radio Finland.
BBC World Service’s Introduction to Buddhism page
Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
‘The Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies’
Nyingma Centrum Nyingma Centrum Nederland
Uitgeverij Dharma, Lotus Design enz..
Vegetarian Pages (engelstalig)
Comprehensive website for vegetarians and would-be vegetarians. Includes a very good FAQ about vegetarianism and veganism. Also recipes, history, etc..
Budacom produces low cost videos on meditation and western Buddhism because we find meditation practices such as mindfulness of breathing or metta bhavana relieve stress, bringing health, peace and happiness. (engelstalig)
Mooie website over koreaanse boeddhisme.
Sleutel tot Inzicht
Website van de Stichting Theravada Boeddhisme Nederland
Iyengar Yoga Center Amsterdam
Drop-in lessen alle nivo’s, lerarenopleiding, medisch- en kinderlessen.
Tony Page, writer and photographer
Buddhist images gallery
Access to Insight – Readings in Theravada Buddhism
This is a website dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information concerning the practice and study of Theravada Buddhism as found both in the Pali Canon and in the lives of Theravadin monks.
Tibet Shop
Plaatjes van velerlei boedhha’s, bodhisattva’s en siddha’s.
Tibet Image Bank
The Tibet Image Bank was formed to collect, preserve and make available photographic images of Tibet, in all its glory and turmoil. A non-profit undertaking, dedicated to prompting the peaceful quest for freedom of the Tibetan people.
Electronic Bodhidharma The Electronic Bodhidharma
The website of the International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism (IRIZ) in Kyoto, Japan.
Helen Heye Helen Heye – Gallery of statues, masks, heads, Tara pieces, amulets
Een hele bijzondere ‘Blue Tara’, b.v.